50 Important Questions for Judiciary Part- 1

1. What is the difference between 151CPC & 561 Cr.PC

2. Difference between Review & Revision?

3. Define & difference between Resjudicata & Res-subjudice?

4. Define Plaint? Remedies against return of plaint? and what else documents should be include in a plaint?

5. Can the plaint be amended at appellate stage?

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6. What is remedy against ex-parte decree?

7. Difference between ex-parte decree & ex-parte order?

8. Difference between 12(2) & 9 (13).

9. Order23 Rule1,2

10. Define Precept & when it is issued?

11. What is difference between Percept and Transfer of Decree?

12. Can a possession be restored if it is taken on orders of the court?

13. Procedure after plaintiff’s death especially in defamation case?

14. Plaintiff not submitting the list of witnesses, remedy? what if he seeks permission same is dismissed what is remedy?

15. Who can file suit for possession and what is it’s limitation?

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16. Suppose you are a civil judge and suit for partition is filed than what will you do?

17. How will you execute Decree in that?

18. What you can do for execution of Decree?

19. What is the procedure for stay of execution, Provision?

20. Can the judgement be executed before passing it?

21. Whether a decree is executable against legal heirs of the deceased Jd?

22. When Judgement Debtor is arrested?

23. Suppose if he does not have anything or any asset s then if he is arrested and remanded to jail, what would happen?

24. If JD paid DH in excess, what is the remedy?

25. What is Estopple? Difference between Waiver and estopple?

26. Suppose if a client comes to you with notice of Summary suit, what would you do?

27. After receiving the notice and copies of summary suit what will you do?

28. What is limitation of leave to defend?

29. Procedure when a witness does not attend the court?

30. Order 41 Rule 27

31. Order 9 rule 9

32. Order 23 rule 1 to 4

33. Set off and counter claim

34. Interpleader Suit

35. Powers of the appellate court?

36. What is the difference and effect of miss-joinder and none-joinder?

37. Application for the restoration of suit?

38. Grounds for Second Appeal?

39. When family suits are not disposed of within specified period of 06 months then what is the remedy?

40. Order 21Rule 79 and 89?

41. Difference between section 100 and 104.

42. What is remedy if witness is not attending the court?

43. Suite for recovery of money? When filed?

44. How and where the suit for the possession is filed?

45. What do you mean by concurrent and territorial Jurisdiction?

46. What is Order 14 and section 39?

47. What is Incidental proceeding?

48. Admission on judgment (order 12 Rule 6)

49. After framing issues further procedure?

50. What do you mean by Civil Arrest?

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