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About Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR)

The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has been constituted under the Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CPCR) Act, 2005. It is the statutory watchdog of the Government of Delhi on matters of child rights. Some of the child rights the Commission works are:

  1. protection of children from exploitation, abuse, labour, trafficking, and
  2. Protection of children from sexual offences;
  3. Protection of children from child marriage;
  4. Right to Education;
  5. Right to Health with emphasis on the pregnancy care, infant care,
    immunisation, protection against malnutrition, etc;
  6. Protection of rights of children with special needs;
  7. Protection of children from substance abuse;
  8. Enforcement of legal protections for children in case they commit offences
    and the necessary safeguards associated therein;
  9. Right to play;
    There are different divisions within the Commission for monitoring the implementation
    of these rights, reviewing safeguards, inquiring into violations and advising the
    government on policy formulation and amendments. Each of these divisions is mapped
    to corresponding departments of the government and is headed by a Member, a State
    Government Secretary level position. There are 6 Members who all report to the

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About the Internship Opportunity

Delhi Commission For Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) strongly believes in harnessing the power of our youngsters and takes measures to engage with them by means of their involvement in public service. We believe this is the only way a nation can develop rooted in ideals of justice, and basic dignity for all.

Therefore, the Commission offers internships across divisions and themes to youngsters. Interns typically support the Commission in background research, field visits, data analytics, preparing policy briefs/summaries, drafting letters/notices/summons, preparing minutes of the meetings, and documentation-related support including social media amongst others. Full-time interns are provided with a modest stipend in addition to official travel-related reimbursements.

The interns report to and work closely with the officials of the Commissions. The officers posted in the Commission are called Members of the Commission. It is Principal Secretary, Government of Delhi equivalent post (Note: Principal Secretary is the highest-ranking officer in any department of the government). Depending upon the work, interns may report to Consultants/Sr Consultants/ Members/ Secretary/
Currently, the Commission offers 36 positions of internships. Please note that the application is on a rolling basis. Interns perform on or more of the following functions:

  1. Conduct background research on different issues involving children such as
    violence and abuse, child labour, education, health & nutrition, etc.
  2. Conduct field visits to anganwadis, schools, children homes to collect facts and
    prepare background reports. They also assist inspection teams.
  3. Prepare background policy briefs on different issues related to children
  4. Handle social media for the Commission in a manner prescribed
  5. Assist in the project management and their logistics including but not limited to
    different interventions, rescue operations, on-site awareness activities, training
    programmes etc.
  6. Draft notices/summons/legal briefs as may be assigned
  7. Engage in teaching, learning and extra-curricular activities, if assigned to work in
    children homes
  8. Assist the Commission in resolving different grievances raised by citizens.
  9. Any other task that the Commission deems appropriate.

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  1. Commitment to public service;
  2. Good communication skills (Both, hindi and english)
  3. Work ethics and high integrity;
  4. Basic humility to work in teams and setting;
  5. Basic levels of proficiency in English (writing, reading);
  6. Microsoft office (Excel, Powerpoint and Word);
  7. Computer/laptops;

Preferred Requirements:

  1. Background (either academic or work experience) in law, policy, social
    work, education, counseling;
  2. Prior experience of working for public cause as part of volunteering
    or employment;

Reporting Manager:

The Chairperson and Members of DCPCR will supervise all interns, however, the day to day supervision would be done by the consultants at the Commission.

How to Apply

Apply by filling this form

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